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Artists 2022


Rocket01 – began spray painting in 1994 and has been working as a freelance artist since 2005. He began his career in the North of the UK in a rural town on the edge of Sheffield City, where he would paint the many empty and abandoned buildings. Later, with the emergence of street art he moved away from graffiti letters and into the city centre where he began painting larger more prominent places with large mural pieces. His style is a dreamy blend of sci-fi surrealism and portraiture, with aquatic tones of turquoise and greens which have become his signature colour palette. Behind all his work is a message of environmental concern, but also optimism for unity between science, technology and mankind.

Zurik1 – Born in Bogotá – Colombia in 1990 and residing in Barcelona since 2016, ZURIK is a graffiti writer and graphic designer who has built her career based on a dynamic and colourful style founded on Graffiti Writing, which from the beginning has been the starting point for every project she faces. The letters that make up her name are the representation of each of her family members. Her style is part of the WildStyle dynamic,  each letter retaining its structural basis, being the union of a set of connections and additions, with dimensions, shadows and effects. The goal is to achieve a balance between creativity and readability. Despite that, ZURIK moves away from the established rules, playing with the organic, geometric and the volumes of the technical drawing, which has transformed over the years into her personal, unique and highly recognisable style. This way she has earned international recognition, not only for being a female graffiti artist practicing on a professional level, but also for constantly evolving, creating pieces without losing their roots, adapting to the different concerns addressed nowadays in the scene. @zurik_1

Inkie – Bristol bred Graffiti Artist, Designer, Inventor of Ink Nouveau, Curator of See No Evil and ‘all round leisurely gentleman…’ Globally respected, published and exhibited artist Tom Bingle aka Inkie, emerged as one of the most prolific graffiti writers in UK history, painting with some of the most notorious artists in the scene. @inkiegraffiti

Curtis Hylton – Muralist, Illustrator, Designer’ Curtis Hylton Aka Samer is based in Hampshire and has produced murals of all sizes across the UK, Europe and internationally. His graffiti background and experience in scenic art and illustration lead him to develop his own hyper-realistic, abstract-surrealist style, carrying environmental messages with a distinct urban edge. @curtis_hylton

TakerOne is a street artist from Hungary. Originally starting with graffiti more than 20 years ago, he grew up to be a mural artist working in giant sizes. His base style is photorealism, completed with colourful abstract splashes as signature details of his works. In recent years he created his artworks all around the world, including in London, New York, Auckland, also in Ukraine, the Netherlands, and multiple times in the United States, Spain and Israel. @takeronegraffiti

Sophie Long – a Bristol born artist navigating her way through the animal art world using mostly acrylic and spray paint on anything it’ll stick to. @sophielong

Wietseart – a Belgium based artist with murals all over the world, from Cuba, Argentina till Vietnam and Europe. His style is a collaboration between cartoon and realism using thick outlines combined with vibrant colours.  With Nature, history and travels as the main content of his artwork, he uses his paintings and drawings as diary. In 2019 he won the best wall in Belgium with the wall ‘pet’s of the future’ and has collaborated with big brands and interior designers. @wietseart

Angry Dan – writes limericks, illustrates them in bright colours, then paints them on canvas and on walls. In 2020, his debut gallery show, Angry Dan’s London Borough of Limericks, included a treasure hunt of 9 limerick murals around his hometown of Walthamstow, London. His work can be found across the UK, Europe, and North America. @angrydan

Demoiselle MM – Since 2019, she’s been painting and pasting her “Demoiselles” in the streets of France. Her theme: “Women”. Around a female face, she draws a large sphere like a bubble of air, of freedom that she then fills to tell stories or convey a message, her feminine figures painted with a fine and harmonious line, a style which is recognisable at first glance. She draws her inspiration from mythology and tales, portraying her “Demoiselles” while creating around them a poetic and magical universe which stirs the emotions. But equally, it speaks of powerful women, often forgotten by history. The universe of the Demoiselle takes a spiritual look at what surrounds them with a sense of poetry, while essentially delivering a message of love. @demoisellemm

Katie Scott – a British mural and street artist who works with spray paint on large scale walls and surfaces. With a background in illustration Katie’s work is informed by traditional art practices and storytelling used to create magical pieces which combine technical realism with a fantastical colour palette. Much of her work features female portraiture sat within elements from nature, turning previously drab environments into enchanting, vibrant spaces. @katiescott_creative

Sepr – Born and bred in Bristol, Sepr is a prolific character based artist whose work can be seen in abundance all over the streets of Bristol and the UK. He has exhibited and painted all over the world, recently finishing a painting tour of Japan, China, Europe, Australia, Mexico and the US. He paints as part of the ASK graffiti crew, screen prints as part of the Jackknife gig poster collective and works as a tattooist based in Bristol. @sepr

PoGo – A French artist, currently living in Southampton UK. He specialises in complex, multi layer stencils, always pushing the boundaries of his technique.   He was a headline artist at Cheltenham Paint Festival 2018 & 2022 and has painted at Upfest, Beeston Paint Festival, Southsea Paint Jam and various locations in the UK producing a variety of styles on diverse surfaces.  @pogo_uk

7th Pencil – a street artist from rural England, her style is a combination of graphic images, patterns, often bright colours and many layers. Attention grabbing and vivid. She is the creator of the AreoSoul, a sculpture she makes from leftover spray cans.Building designs from collated photography that create a sense of being overwhelmed. These compositions, layered often create an intense vision of the subject from the artist point of view. The works explore female empowerment as wall as mental health issues such as confusion in feeling overwhelming emotion, dealing with human connections and what expressions can say to individuals viewing them. @7thpencil

Emic – Belfast based street artist Emic has been active since 2012. In that time his work has evolved from paper paste-ups of deconstructed architecture into large-scale hand-painted murals. The artist combines human and natural forms to create stories. People and places are at the core of the artist’s intentions as he makes work to represent the unique identity of each location of his art. Emic is curator for ‘Hit The North’ street art festival, co-founded Loft Collective and is a member of vault artist studios. Throughout the artist’s career he has organised events and exhibitions that have added to the development of the street art scene in Belfast. A place that has become a hotbed for contemporary urban art which stands in stark contrast to its historical murals. @emicartist

Leigh Charman & Rob Draper  – Leigh Charman is a UK based artist working within fashion and fire art. He’s the brand artist for the global fashion group Superdry as well as painting murals and exhibiting work influenced by nature, abstraction and graffiti. His latest projects include catwalk sets, window displays, interior design and custom clothing.  @leighcharmanbranding

Rob Draper is an artist & designer based in Worcester, specialising in hand lettering for branding & identity, editorial, retail and large scale works. He has worked with a wide range of worldwide clients including The Golden Globes, Nike, Gap, Levi’s & Samsung. He speaks globally on creativity and has created murals for WPF previously on St Paul’s Street and at the bus station. @robdraper1

Both Leigh and Rob were involved in the Worcester graffiti scene many years ago and come together on this mural at the Orchard Cafe at the Countryside Centre.

Enigm – a London-based Japanese street artist who calls himself an Urban Surrealist. Born and raised near Tokyo, his biggest influence is the Surrealism movement. Thus, to bring Surrealism on the street is his motto as a street artist. He consistently combines unexpected elements in one canvas, aimed for audiences to do a double take and lead them to deeper thoughts. @enIgm

Phill Blake – Multi discipline artist Phill Blake aka Philth is Oxfordshire based with a London background. Well known and loved in the UK and international street art community, creating alluring large scale murals influenced by decorative Art Nouveau and inspired by the natural beauty of his surroundings. @philthblake

Sphere3 & Snotone –

Sphere3 Has always tried to push the boundaries of what’s visually possible whether it be through the experimental abstraction of letter forms or the mural work he is very passionate about. There is always a strong three-dimensional, dynamic feel and through light, colour and form, he hopes to give a sense of freedom and playfulness drawing your eyes into the work. @sphere3_so

Snotone is a Liverpool based Graffiti artist of nearly 15years with a background in electrical engineering so the production of technical drawings can clearly be seen in the angular typography he enjoys to produce.  A mixture of high contrasting colours, layered with smooth blends help to create depth within artworks and break out from the stricter rules and standards required to produce wiring diagrams. @snotone

They will be collaborating in Cripplegate Park.

Angus – a Bristol based, independent Artist. He has been creating works of art since early 2015. With no formal training and no background in art, has self taught and hit the ground running with his 8-Bit tongue in cheek style. Angus takes his inspiration from the people in his life, current affairs, iconic figures and the creative backdrop of the Bristol Art scene to help him create his unique works. @angusart85

Juan2 – a graffiti artist natural from Spain and based in London since 2012. He has been active since 1996, being the abstraction the main characteristic of his work. He possesses a very personal style. His pieces were born from the original idea of graffiti, the letters, but transforming and distorting them to the limit, providing the main and unique character of his composition. @juan2_gfx

Ejits are a misfit bunch of quirky, illustrated characters. They have a distinct & recognisable style inspired by classic American cartoons, Japanese character design and street art. Ejits tap into the big kids in all of us to spark happy nostalgic feelings and a love of colour, character and silliness. @ejits

Paul MonstersPattern Maker, Curator, Collaborator’ Bristol based Paul Roberts aka Paul Monsters is a multi disciplinary artist working with tessellating geometric patterns. Paul has been painting and sculpting for over 15 years and curating independent exhibitions in the UK, US and Germany, collaborating with an interesting selection of artists on many types of canvases, buildings and walls. @paulmonsters

Sweetheart is an active member of the West Midlands street art community, whose work focuses on their fresh take on graffiti typography alongside mandala and heart motifs. @sweetheartstreetar

Karc – Polish born, Karc moved to London in the middle of pandemic and started decorating the city with abstract graffiti compositions, increasing at the same time the rare female representation in the graffiti’s world. Her main painting focus is abstraction having studied Sculpture, which still has a very strong influence, she perceives the compositions as multidimensional and almost physical. She creates rules within her work, one is called the “Imperfect Mirror” principle, creating various shapes and patterns to then reflect them at skewed and irregular angles, as perfect symmetry does not occur in nature. @karc_art

Deeds – Midlands artist Deeds has been dabbling with stencils since the late 80’s, always experimenting with new styles and methods, his current work mixes stencil and freehand styles, using transparent paints to create striking, colourful artwork. @deedsstencils

MrSCE – “I absolutely love painting, Whether it’s an Amber glass Turtle or King Kong vs Godzilla. I’m in my element in the elements with a roll of cling film and a few cans of spray paint. Always in awe of nature and that’s where my greatest inspiration is drawn from@mr_sce

Helen Haynes – a Worcester based artist who specialises in black and white to produce intricate designs. She loves the simplicity and challenges of working with only two colours. Her inspiration comes from the great outdoors and spotting hidden details. @helenhaynesartist

Marko Antonio – has been painting traditional graffiti art for over three decades. He has been fortunate to travel all over the world expressing himself through his art. His style encompasses a funky take on the traditional New York mechanical wildstyle letterforms @zeeizm

Phe – Since the 1980’s Phever (PHE) has been a practicing graffiti artist, featuring a traditional New York wildstyle. Firstly inspired by the infamous TWP (The Worcester Posse), later shifting to inspiration from the NYC style masters, PHE’s work often includes original vivid character formats. @pheverkfo

Kask – Has been a purveyor of the style writing culture since the early eighties. Worcester born and bred, he Learned his craft through the hip hop culture putting in much work throughout the years. 1st generation UK graffiti writer, directly influenced by the roots of what is now called ‘street art’.

Nuzoe – bringing graffiti letterforms to the festival, joining the Worcester writers on the wall down at Diglis.

Merk & Reck – new generation Worcester writers adding their pieces to the KFO wall at Diglis.

Adeeelar – is a freelance illustrator living in Bristol. Her illustrations consist of insights from my imagination and spray paint to morph shapes into images that create short narratives. @adeeelar

Clueless Artwork – a late edition by local emerging artist @clueless_artwork