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Worcester Paint Festival

Live painting on September 21st 2024 – with murals appearing during the year!

We always knew that Paint the Streets would draw a line under an amazing 3 years of WPF and PTS felt like a rather epic line! We are not going away though, and want to focus on our communities, so this year will see murals appearing through projects during the year, and a festival day on Sept 21st, featuring live painting and a ‘history of graffiti’ mini exhibition and trail information at our HQ.
We are looking for sponsors to make this happen so please do get in touch if you would like to help the community, pay to cover the costs of a mural and support Worcester Paint Festival so it can continue to deliver something fresh for 2024!

Worcester Paint Festival brings street, mural & graffiti artists to the city showcasing renowned names in the UK scene, supported by emerging artists to create a vibrant outdoor art gallery. WPF works with street artists for projects, collaborations and commissions. Please get in touch if you have a wall or project that needs brightening up!

PAINT THE STREETS had over 18,000 visitors! Thank you to everyone who came to the exhibition and viewed the murals out and about.

You can listen to an audio tour of PAINT THE STREETS Please follow this link. AUDIO TOUR AVAILABLE.

Worcester Paint Festival overview created by James Silvanus Films during the 2023 festival