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Artists 2021

The following street & graffiti artists showcased their work during Worcester Paint Festival 2021, 18-19th September 2021.

Inkie – Bristol bred Graffiti Artist, Designer, Inventor of Ink Nouveau, Curator of See No Evil and ‘all round leisurely gentleman…’ Globally respected, published and exhibited artist Tom Bingle aka Inkie, emerged as one of the most prolific graffiti writers in UK history, painting with some of the most notorious artists in the scene. @inkiegraffiti

Phill Blake – Multi discipline artist Phill Blake aka Philth is Oxfordshire based with a London background. Well known and loved in the UK and international street art community, creating alluring large scale murals influenced by decorative Art Nouveau and inspired by the natural beauty of his surroundings. @philthblake

Curtis Hylton – Muralist, Illustrator, Designer’ Curtis Hylton Aka Samer is based in Hampshire and has produced murals of all sizes across the UK, Europe and internationally. His graffiti background and experience in scenic art and illustration lead him to develop his own hyper-realistic, abstract-surrealist style, carrying environmental messages with a distinct urban edge. @curtis_hylton

Sophie Mess – is an artist and designer painting wondrously vibrant botanical inspired murals for a wide variety of clients. Travelling wherever her art takes her, both UK and Worldwide, her dreamy large scale artworks bring colour and joy to buildings, billboards, interiors and exteriors of all shapes and sizes.  Cool ultraviolet tones flourish with flashes of hot nature inspired colours bringing to life beautiful supersized flowers, wild birds and inspiring words. @sophiemess_

Paul Monsters – ‘Pattern Maker, Curator, Collaborator’ from the South West, Paul Roberts aka Paul Monsters is a multi-disciplinary artist working with tessellating geometric patterns. Paul is influenced by geometry and shapes within society and culture with his signature six colour palette and repeating patterns to create colourful abstract images for the viewer to get lost in. @paulmonsters

Jody is a Bristol based artist and designer he began painting in 1988 at the now infamous Barton Hill Youth Club in Bristol developing a strong black and white figurative style alongside other Bristol artists: Inkie, Cheo. @jody_artist

Peachzz found street art in Sheffield’s abandoned industries, expressing herself by splashing paint over forgotten walls. Now, an international graffiti and street artist, she has painted all over Europe and as far as Colombia and Mexico. Specialising in wildlife paintings and more recently experimenting with large scale portraiture, her work brings colourful joy to urban spaces. @.peachzz.

Rob Draper – an artist & designer based in Worcester, specialising in hand lettering for branding & identity, editorial, retail and large scale works including  a wide range of worldwide clients including Nike, Gap, Levi’s & Samsung and was involved in the Worcester graffiti scene many years ago. Rob put up a stunner of a piece last October on St Paul’s Street “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. @robdraper1

David Puck is a visual artist & muralist combining abstracted-figurative work highlighting queerness and mental health. Previous collaborators include HBO’s Generation+, The Eurovision Song Contest, Thinkspace LA and many performers from Ru Paul’s Drag Race like Sasha Velour, Laganja and Peppermint. @davidpuckartist

Pad303 – Paddy is an artist from London. Project manager by day, he paints bricks turning them into insane 3D creations!. Art is a passion for him. A regular at Cheltenham Paint festival he paints a lot internationally and is off to Miami to paint soon. @pad303

Liskbot is a Birmingham based artist that’s been painting his own robot characters for over 10 years, using either spray paints, paper posters or hand made stickers, he leaves his robots on the streets often with a message to humans to find. @liskbot

Adam Illes is a self taught artist from Hungary with gained experience from travel and life itself, guided by the universe. He has lived abroad since he was 18, learning spray in Ireland. He paints classic graffiti lettering and then slowly indulges characters, portraits and more abstract pieces allowing him to express himself even more. @adamilles.visuals

Catt Standen, based in Worcester has a strong passion for art and drawing intricate detail working with a monochrome palette adding colour on bigger projects. Catt Standen Artist /

Estée Angéline is known amongst Worcester and beyond for her mural and graphic design work for notable independent businesses. She painted Worcester’s Sansome Walk mural and her branding for Lucky Cat Noodle was recently short-listed for the World Illustration Awards 2021. @esteeangeline

If Still Lost creates imagery that combines intuition with personal narrative. She uncovers layers of the subconscious experience which in turn form beautiful, dream-like paintings and illustrations. @ifstilllost

Sweetheart is an active member of the West Midlands street art community, whose work focuses on their fresh take on graffiti typography alongside mandala and heart motifs. @sweetheartstreetart

Marko Antonio has been painting traditional graffiti art for over three decades. He has been fortunate to travel all over the world expressing himself through his art. His style encompasses a funky take on the traditional New York mechanical wildstyle letterforms @zeeizm

Phe – Since the 1980’s Phever (PHE) has been a practicing graffiti artist, featuring a traditional New York wildstyle. Firstly inspired by the infamous TWP (The Worcester Posse), later shifting to inspiration from the NYC style masters, PHE’s work often includes original vivid character formats. @pheverkfo

Acidtate is a self-taught local artist from Worcester. He works full time in his home studio, taking commissions, working on his own original pieces and producing colouring books. Using many different mediums to produce his art, Acidtate enjoys exploring realism and 3D with his subjects. @acidtate

Vik Void is a “graphics guy” whose work has a strong focus on characters, colours and injecting humour as much as possible through the interaction of those characters.

Sweetart Murals travels all over the UK and beyond hand-painting murals and eye-catching graffiti walls. He takes pride in bespoke designs, specialising in hand-crafted and unique interior and exterior murals for homes, schools and businesses, with 30+ years experience as professional painter, graffiti and mural artist. @sweetartmurals /

Chroma Chameleons are a new female Worcester duo who have worked as independent artists for more than 15 years, and recently decided to join forces with their bold, abstract styles. They painted in the city in June. @chroma_chameleons

Miss Hilton Ink is a mixed media artist based in Worcester. One third of Worcester Alternative Artists Market, along with Chris Burton, her work spans traditional oils and collage to assemblage and found objects and often focuses around mortality, ritual and gender themes. @MissHiltonInk

Katt Lepak is the other third of Worcester Alternative Artists Market, specialising in illustrative designs inspired by flora and the occult. She produces work on a variety of mediums, including ceramics, glass and haberdashery. @kattlepakart