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PAINT THE STREETS – an exhibition in partnership with Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum Saturday 16 September 2023 – Saturday 6 January 2024. Celebrating the story of graffiti and street art in partnership with Worcester Paint Festival, Paint the Streets explores the work of pivotal artists from the US and UK such as Basquiat, Haring, Shepard Fairey (Obey), Banksy, Goldie and Inkie, alongside a selection of current street artists who have been part of Worcester Paint Festival. Features a very rare opportunity to view large scale, original work from the 80’s by pivotal names across the globe, created at Bridlington Street Art Competition in 1987, and archive from key figures at the time. Paint the Streets also celebrates Worcester’s own graffiti history.

Phlegm – is a Sheffield based artist who is  well known for his self published comics and his unique street art style. Replicating his black Indian ink and a dip pen technique to large scale with spray paint, his fantastical murals come to life within urban landscapes, usually run-down or disused spaces. Phlegm creates surreal illustrations within a mystical visual narrative exploring the unreal through characterful creatures from his imagination. Mostly in monochrome and full of intricate details, each piece forms part of a grand narrative that extends worldwide. His work has also appeared in a variety of objects such as planes, boats, buildings and vehicles. @phlegm_art

Annatomix – is a world renowned, self trained artist from Stourbridge, West Midlands. She is a maker of graphic murals, fine art, illustrations and more. Inspired by readings of ancient philosophy, theology and mythology, her work is informed by geometry, low poly modelling, crystalline structures and architecture. The main focus of her many inspirations is around the relationship between humanity and nature. Such as how humanity tries to force nature to do what it wants, and how futile that is. In her work, animals represent our future with nature; unnatural, low-poly and robotic, designed to suit our desires and look aesthetically pleasing. @annatomix

Hazard One – is an illustrator, designer and  graffiti artist. She is recognised to be among some of the top female graffiti artists in the UK and the world. Her work combines rich colour palettes with illumination and modern-age glitch effects to create striking portraits using traditional free-hand graffiti techniques. From a mural in the heart of St.Pauls Bristol, a community project on the Arizona-Mexico border, to the World Trade Centre, New York – Her work takes her all over the planet! @hazard0ne

Peachzz – found street art in Sheffield’s abandoned industries, allowing her to splash paint over forgotten walls. Her work typically looks at nature and life contrasting with the concrete structures of urban spaces. A painter of large-scale walls. Her style is expressive, with hints of realism all while experimenting with a bold colour palette. Peachzz has travelled with her work all over Europe, painting as far as America, Colombia & Mexico. @_peachzz_

Inkie – Bristol bred Graffiti Artist, Designer, Inventor of Ink Nouveau, Curator of See No Evil and ‘all round leisurely gentleman…’ Globally respected, published and exhibited artist Tom Bingle aka Inkie, emerged as one of the most prolific graffiti writers in UK history, painting with some of the most notorious artists in the scene. @inkiegraffiti

7Licea – is a professional French artist who is inspired by magic, wild animals and the sublime and surreal beauty of nature. She often incorporates symbolism highlighting the inherent connection between humans and their environment. Licea’s work portrays strength and explores the realms of the subconscious and dreams. Her art is a reflection of the unlimited possibilities that exist in every aspect of life. @7licea

Tash Creates – is a mural painter and freelance scenic artist who lives and works in London. She uses her creativity to connect with communities around the world, empowering people from all abilities and backgrounds to embrace their own expression. Her unique yet versatile style allows her to bring any idea to life, transforming dull spaces and unsuspecting objects into powerful pieces of art that compliment their surroundings. Tash draws inspiration from the natural world and the similarities within the formations that surround us and her art often communicates the unfathomable wonders of life. @tash_creates_

Elno – is a Spanish artist based in London. She is a street artist, illustrator, painter, and co-founder of Wom Collective, a female street art collective dedicated to empowering women and communities through street art. Her style has evolved from her experiences living in European cities, her work in the theatre and film industry and her interest in self-development, spirituality, and the natural world. Her work encompasses vibrant colours, textures, and dreamlike imagery. She is fascinated by the power of art to transport people to other worlds and to inspire them to think about the world in new ways. @elnoart 

Luke Passey – is a visual artist, designer and mural painter, based in Manchester and originally from Worcester. The tactile quality of his work is easily recognisable for its dynamic and vibrant nature. His style incorporates colourful compositions of shape, pattern and texture to create lively and captivating contemporary abstracts. His work can be found on the streets and in various commercial spaces. @lukepassey

Title – is a Birmingham-based artist who has been painting graffiti for decades. He is one of Birmingham’s longest-reigning graffiti kings, and his work can be seen all over the city. Title’s work combines elements of contemporary art, graffiti, and urban culture to create visually stunning masterpieces. He is inspired by the local culture, history, and people, and his murals tell stories through walls, capturing the soul of the city in his work. @titlegraffiti

7th Pencil – is a street artist from rural England her style is a combination of graphic images, patterns, often bright colours and many layers. Attention grabbing and vivid. She is the creator of the AreoSoul, a sculpture she makes from leftover spray cans. Building designs from collated photography that create a sense of being overwhelmed. These compositions, layered often create an intense vision of the subject from the artist point of view. The works explore female empowerment as well as mental health issues such as confusion in feeling overwhelming emotion, dealing with human connections and what expressions can say to individuals viewing them. @7thpencil

Mind49 – is a Bristol-based multidisciplinary artist who creates thought-provoking work exploring themes of mental health, identity, and the human condition whilst taking aim at the establishment and encouraging community solidarity. Mind49 is inspired by the urban landscape and the people he encounters in his everyday life. He uses art as a powerful tool for communication and social change and creates art which captures the beauty and diversity of communities who have shaped society into what it is today, reminding us of the individual power we have to make positive change.  @mindfortynine

Codo – is a Belfast based artist who creates fun and friendly murals that pop with complimentary colours, strong lines and rhythmic doodle patterns that create a sense of harmonic energy. His work features enchanting and wonderful creatures inspired by a variety of sources, including nature, mythology, and dreams. Codo is passionate about using art to make a positive impact on the world, believing that art can bring people together, help them to see the world in new ways and raise awareness about important social issues. @codoartni

Oskar with a K – is a muralist and graphic designer based in Manchester, he began creating large-scale work in his early teens as a graffiti writer and his passion for producing public art has since lead him to a full-time creative career. His lettering style is a combination of modern typography  and graffiti, using bold, flowing lines and striking shapes to create letters that are both visually captivating and emotionally impactful. His work is often used to promote social messages and make a positive impact on the world. @oskarwitha.k

Chalk It Up – is a Worcester-based artist who creates vibrant, fun, and lively murals, lettering, and commissions. Her work can be found on signposts and on the windows and walls of businesses all over Worcester. Chalk It Up is inspired by nature and often uses pleasing chalky colour palettes. She is also a skilled sign writer and a local creative who is passionate about using art to brighten up her community and make it more vibrant. @_chalk_it_up

Sweet is a Midlands based artist who blends dreamy feminine figures and nature inspired shapes and landscapes with heart motifs creating sweet street moments promoting messages of peace, love and kindness. @sweetheartstreetart

Chroma Chameleons – female duo from Worcester who work spontaneously, creating their vividly colourful, Art Decor and pattern inspired pieces seen on walls and electricity boxes. Chroma Chameleons often collab with Sweet (above), bringing both styles together to create abstract landscapes. On the map you will find a piece they did in February, as well as one for the festival. @chroma_chameleons

Estee Angeline – is a Worcester-based muralist, illustrator, and graphic designer who creates visually stunning and impactful work inspired by nature, travel, and the human condition. Estee’s illustrations are delightfully delicate and whimsical, capturing the beauty and imagination of the natural world and her colourful murals are full of vibrancy and a sense of wonder. @esteeangeline

Marko Antonio – has been painting traditional graffiti art for over three decades. He has been fortunate to travel all over the world expressing himself through his art. His style encompasses a funky take on the traditional New York mechanical wildstyle letterforms. @zeeizm

Cask – has been a purveyor of the style writing culture since the early eighties. Learning his craft through the hip hop culture and putting in work throughout the years. As a 1st generation UK graffiti writer he was directly influenced by the roots of what is now called street art. @dezineroner

Phe – Since the 1980’s Phever (PHE) has been a practicing graffiti artist, featuring a traditional New York wildstyle. Firstly inspired by the infamous TWP (The Worcester Posse), later shifting to inspiration from the NYC style masters, PHE’s work often includes original vivid character formats. @pheverkfo

Pingriff – a freelance artist and illustrator based in Worcester. His graphic style, ink, sketchy illustrations and paintings often feature imaginative creatures and scenes inspired by fantasy, film, horror and science fiction.. @pingriff

Zed in the Clouds – is a street artist based in Bristol. His colourful and playful murals often feature characters from cartoons and comics. Originally a graffiti artist, he moved on to creating more elaborate murals inspired by a variety of sources, including Hip Hop culture, old-school cartoons and surrealism. His work often explores themes of identity, community, and the environment. @zed_in_the_clouds

Dave Long – is a Swansea based freelance illustrator and muralist currently working with Fresh Creative providing murals and community workshops. His playful and thoughtful work originates as pencil or ink drawings. Favouring line-work, form and function and often working with a limited palette or in monochrome, through a digital process and into the finished artwork producing illustrations for design, fiction/non-fiction children’s books, graphic art and murals.

Carl Stimpson – is a painter and printmaker originally from Kidderminster, currently living and working in London. His innovative and bold, thought provoking work draws on a variety of sources in the development of both its form and content, particularly the ’ligne claire’ technique of the Belgian cartoonist and Tintin creator, Hergé. Inspirations include early British pop music, trademarks of well‐known industrial brands, comic books, cartoons, and architecture. @carl.stimpson

Elodie Simon – A young artist currently studying for a level 3 diploma in Art, Design & Communication. She loves collaborative work, taking inspiration from the natural world and translating this into mixed media forms from ceramics, textiles and glass to digital illustration and watercolour. @lodsyii
Ren (Grace Lawrence) – A newcomer to the scene with an eclectic mixed media style from street art to fine art pieces fusing realism and strangeness into one. She also loves to experiment with new art forms and 3d pieces and is always looking for new opportunities, spaces and interesting ways to get her art out there. @rensyil

Buek – a local emerging artist painting for the first time at the festival, taking inspiration from 1960’s comic strips.

Worcester Legal Wall – NEW FOR 2023! Free for all to paint in a safe environment!  As with other legal walls, please be respectful and nothing political, religious, or offensive in any way. Let’s have a free, safe place to paint. See map for location. Then short walk either via towpath, or park at Sixways Park and Ride and a short walk along path. Launch featuring: Cask, Cel One, Sore, Buser, Phe, Zeeizm, Raek, Mr Sce, Nuzoe, Rumah, Kash, Elliot P, Heat One, Shade, La Neko, Duer, Keub, R-Man, Bert, Bermism Wreckonize